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Yamaha Reveal Next Gen Shift Technology

Yamaha have revealed the latest technology in next generation shift technology by unveiling the highly innovative Yamaha Automated Manual Transmission (Y-AMT).

Yamaha has developed a slick push button shift system with an electric motor to operate clutch and gearbox to amplify the fun of sports bike riding. Fast and precise shifts at the touch of a button utilise human interaction with the motorcycle as the brain has a closer more refined connection to the hands rather than the feet.

This approach is inspired by Yamaha’s Jin-Ki Kanno philosophy, which emphasises the seductive enjoyment of a rider truly feeling in symbiosis with their machine.

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The new Yamaha Automated Manual Transmission (Y-AMT) is set to take that feeling further, marking the start of a new era for Yamaha by offering an advanced gear shifting technology that introduces a new dimension to sports riding.

Y-AMT allows riders to fully focus on enjoying the sports performance offered by their motorcycle, by delivering consistently linear shifts to create the most engaging riding experience with the choice of a slick, finger operated manual shift or a two-mode fully automatic transmission.

Shifting by hand alone, as opposed to a foot-and-hand combination, is not only quicker but requires less thinking time, allowing the rider to hyper-focus on throttle and brake application, lean angle, body position and tyre grip levels to intensify the ride.

It is for this reason that on Y-AMT models the shifting pedal will not be installed. This means the rider does not have to move their left foot from the footpeg, allowing them to instead focus on their body position and weight distribution through the pegs to enhance the control of their motorcycle, especially in cornering.

The Y-AMT system allows for the shifting characteristics of the machine to be adjusted to meet the rider’s preference and different road conditions, with a choice of a finger- operated manual shift ‘MT’ or the fully automatic ‘AT’.

Using manual transmission (MT), fast and precise gear shifts take just one touch of a
button without manually operating a clutch lever. Shifts are controlled with the
index finger and thumb, via two see-saw shifting levers –a plus lever for upshifts and a minus lever for downshifts.

Y-AMT - Yamaha Automated Manual Transmission
Y-AMT – Yamaha Automated Manual Transmission

For greater control in sportier riding, the plus lever can also be pulled to shift up and pushed to shift down with the index finger alone, offering greater freedom, as there is no need to remove the thumb from the handlebars.

The size, position and stroke of the lever have been designed to be ideal while wearing gloves, meaning only a minimal amount of finger movement is required to perform shifts.

The clutch actuation is highly progressive, providing the rider with completely natural operation at all speeds. Maximising the power characteristics of Yamaha’s crossplane- concept engine designs and sportiest ride modes, MT has been developed to amplify the fun of sports riding.

And with the speed and precision of each shift more consistent than when using even the latest quickshifter, the excitement and adrenaline of the fast, slick gear changes in the sportiest of riding conditions is even more thrilling for the rider.

Using the fully automatic transmission (AT), riders can choose between two programmes to suit different riding scenarios – easily switchable at any time via the press of a dedicated thumb operated ‘mode’ button.

Those looking for a spirited ride on the open road can opt for ‘D+’, which offers a sporty gear change by shifting later in the rev range to maintain the thrill of the ride while still offering the benefits of a fully automatic transmission.

Riders commuting or putting in long distances on the motorways can opt for ‘D’ mode, which delivers a softer gear shift experience, while maintaining a low rpm, to maximise rider confidence during low speed, urban riding and manoeuvrability.

While in AT, the rider can also choose to shift manually at any time by simply using the see-saw shift levers.

In all cases, Y-AMT delivers consistently linear shifts, allowing riders to focus on their body position, cornering, braking and acceleration, whether riding in the city or on the open road.

Y-AMT - Yamaha Automated Manual Transmission
Y-AMT – Yamaha Automated Manual Transmission
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