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Ruroc Atlas 3.0 Helmet

NOW in its third generation, the Atlas helmet from Ruroc has won a legion of fans world wide. We decided to find out what all the hype was about for ourselves, and got our hands on the Ruroc Atlas 3.0 Brute.

First impressions last and there is simply nothing subtle about the graphical design layered on this helmet. Whether you want to use the term fully sick or dope, put simply the helmet looks a million dollars.

Aesthetic appeal has been a major contributor in influencing its design and character, and not just the design of our test hardware either, but the whole range of helmets on offer throughout the Atlas 3.0 range.

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Ruroc’s Atlas 3.0 is a carbon fibre full face helmet that is constructed from an aerospace quality carbon weave known as T300. The Atlas 3.0 is ECE and DOT certified and comes in sizes from XS to XXL.

Available in 16 design finishes, as well as a few limited editions runs from time to time (like Batman and The Joker), the Ruroc Atlas 3.0 helmet offers riders something truly unique to accessorise with their ride.

But is it beauty over function for the Atlas 3.0? Let’s start with the good and what Ruroc have done really well. Field of vision is superb, and the brand are to be highly commended for this.

The Atlas 3.0 offers great peripheral and straight, line-of-sight visibility. The helmet comes standard with both a clear and dark tinted visor, however the pin-lock is an optional extra you will need to tick when purchasing.

There are also additional iridium visors in a range of colours that can be purchased individually, or as packs to match your helmet design and colour. In addition, there’s also a Shockwave integrated communications device which can also be added.

Internal padding in our test unit fitted comfortably and was secured well. It did not feel cheap and is of good quality. A little additional padding around this author’s dome would be nice, although this may just be a biproduct of yours truly’s head shape.

Air flow is exceptional and greatly appreciated during an Australian summer. There is a little trade off for noise, and for the most part you can’t shut that off. The only open shut vent on the Atlas 3.0 is in the bottom of the visor.

Ruroc Atlas 3.0 Brute
Ruroc Atlas 3.0 Brute

The open/close switch to adjust that is in the internal part of the helmet, while every other vent is fully open. We can only assume this is a sacrifice for the sublime aesthetic of the helmet and Ruroc didn’t want to take away from the supreme looks of the Atlas 3.0.

Personally, this reviewer didn’t mind the additional noise as it was really not too much louder than other helmets he has in circulation and he appreciated the air flow. However, this may put off some more picky potential purchasers.

It’s also worth noting that the type of bike influenced the noise heard inside the helmet. Sports bikes, naked bikes and cruisers like those from Harley-Davidson seemed to fair better than adventure bikes with windshields.

Selecting a helmet over the internet is an experience all of its own, and one that always makes us a little nervous, but the process worked well. We can’t recommend highly enough that you use the sizing guide on the website if you plan to buy one though.

For example, after measuring my melon, it matched to a medium size in Ruroc terms. That’s different from a number of other helmets we ride with, where this reviewer is regularly a large size.

Ruroc Atlas 3.0 Brute
Ruroc Atlas 3.0 Brute

We were a little anxious when the box arrived, with the helmet shrouded in quite generous quality packaging. Trying the Atlas 3.0 Brute on for the first time, we were relieved the size guide was right, and the medium was correct.

In terms of the ordering process, once you’ve selected a helmet and design, shipping took about a week to reach Australia, and Ruroc provided us with a tracking number so it was easy to see where our package was, on its journey.

If you can overcome the hurdle that is not being able to see and touch the product in the flesh before you spend your hard earned dollars, it’s well worth the price of admission to look at a helmet from Ruroc.

The Ruroc Atlas 3.0 Brute starts at $700, which includes free shipping. And in a ‘we liked it so much’ moment, we even went back and ordered the red iridium visor for it. The Atlas 3.0 range has a 4-star SHARP safety rating, and the entire range can be viewed online.

Ruroc Atlas 3.0 Brute
Ruroc Atlas 3.0 Brute

This article was first published on Exhaust Notes Australia

Pros – great looking lid with awesome unique designs; lots of accessories.

Cons – can be a little noisy; can’t try on in-person in Australia.

Andrew Jenkin
Andrew Jenkinhttp://twowheeladdicts.com.au
Andrew Jenkin is the founding editor of Two Wheel Addicts, ride editor at Exhaust Notes Australia, a contributor to BikeReview and Drivetribe as well as being a panel judge of Harley Davidson's Breakout Boss competition. Andrew has a love for anything on two wheels whether that be sports, naked or adventure bikes, with a guilty pleasure for cruisers.


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