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Quad Lock Launches Suction Base & Action Camera Accessories

Quad Lock have released their latest range of products with three exciting additions. Move it, reattach it, trust it. Quad Lock expands its mounting system with the 360 Suction Base and two Action Camera Adaptors.

These accessories unleash new levels of versatility and security for attaching your phone or action camera to almost any surface.

The Quad Lock 360 Suction Base is a high-strength solution for mounting your phone or action camera with ease. Imagine capturing stunning footage from the dashboard of your car to securing your phone on the windshield of a sailboat or plane for navigation – all without adhesives, just pure suction.

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The secret lies in its powerful suction technology – the lever actuates the suction cup, creating a vacuum against the application surface. Simply use the built-in lever to lock and unlock the mount onto any smooth, non-porous surface such as glass, metal, or fibreglass.

Built for adventure, the Suction Base seamlessly integrates with the Quad Lock 360 ecosystem. Choose your ideal arm (optional) and head to customise your perfect mount for the phone or action camera.

For the adventurers who love capturing content on their GoPro or DJI, Quad Lock also introduces two versatile adaptors to expand your recording horizons.

Quad Lock to Action Camera Adaptor uses the Quad Lock’s renowned twist and lock mechanism. Simply twist and lock your action camera onto any Quad Lock motorcycle, bike, or car mount and start filming your adventures.

360 Head Action Cam Adaptor provides a more permanent setup, this adaptor offers a secure screw-in option for your Quad Lock mount.

Whether you’re cruising on the kayak, hitting the trails, or exploring uncharted territory, this versatile base keeps your action camera accessible and securely in place for the perfect shot. Choose the adaptor that fits your needs and experience the freedom of capturing every epic moment, whatever the chosen activity is.

Statement from Melvin Choo, Senior Product Designer of Quad Lock “Building on the success of Quad Lock’s Car Suction Mount, we challenged ourselves to develop a suction base for demanding environments, and for users who want an easily repositionable mount.

Our team has worked hard to iterate designs and test materials, and we are excited to unveil the new 360TM Suction Base. It maintains a strong hold in hot or cold temperatures, and yet, it is easily repositionable when moving between cars, boats or even aircraft.

The new Suction Base is part of Quad Lock’s 360TM range, which means users can choose from different arms and heads to position and secure their phone, tablet or action camera with our new Adaptors. We are excited to see the different variations our customers will build, and more importantly how they will use our new products in their adventures.”

You can visit the Quad Lock range on their website https://www.quadlockcase.net/collections/quad-lock-360

Quad Lock Suction Camera Mounting System
Quad Lock Suction Camera Mounting System
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