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California Superbike School – Level 2 Morgan Park

We were warned when we started California Superbike School at Level 1 that this track school would be addictive and that has certainly proved true. We have been impatiently counting down the days to Level 2 at Morgan Park Raceway in QLD when we would be able to get our next fix of action and learnings at the school aboard the mighty BMW S 1000 RR M Sport.

We were greeted by another cracking morning in central QLD with the conditions on the day only set to get better. Sunshine and top temperatures of 25 degrees would provide perfect track conditions for the days learning and adrenaline fuelled lessons.

For reference Morgan Park Raceway is located just outside of Warwick, the track is 2.1km long (with two configurations) and  comprises 11 turns made up of tighter and more free flowing high speed corners.

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We were not the Level 1 newbies this time around, so we had a good idea for what the day had in store for us. Five classroom sessions and five on track drills taking the lessons and knowledge learnt in the classroom to the track to improve our riding skills.

First up the track safety briefing session before being ushered off to the classroom to begin our Level 2 classroom sessions. Level 2 would have a focus on vision after a quick reinforcement of our Level 1 learnings.

California Superbike School Level 2
California Superbike School Level 2

Reference Points would be our first track based drill, utilising two gears with no brakes. It’s always an extra bit exciting learning a new track and reacquainting yourself ¬†with a 1000cc sports bike in the first session.

After completion of the track drills it would be off to see our coaches for the day and gain valuable feedback on what we were doing well and what we needed to work on at specific sessions on the track.

For those unfamiliar with the process the coaching ratio is one instructor per three students, so a lot of improvement can be gained. Coaches would follow you on the track before overtaking and having you follow them and perform the skills in the drill of that particular session.

Our second classroom session would focus on three step vision. Here we would build on the Two Step we learned about in Level 1 and add an extra step to maximise our corner speed. It was time then to hit the track and do the drill utilising the designated gears and braking instructions for the drill.

Wide View would be the subject of our third classroom lesson and drill. This particular vision focused drill would help us scan the track and was particularly helpful for overtaking. Again we would follow the process of classroom, track and coaches feedback on our learnings.

California Superbike School Level 2
California Superbike School Level 2

A brief and well earned break for lunch would be next on the agenda, before a quick lesson on body position. This was perhaps one of the biggest learnings of the day and was designed to wet the appetite for the next Level of Superbike school which focuses on body position and working in harmony with the motorcycle.

Lesson 4 was an expansion on the wide view technique and drill, however with my body position changed and optimised by the professional team at California Superbike School, we found ourselves focusing a lot on our new style of riding with changed body position.

To be honest this probably took a good half to three quarters of a session before yours truly started to feel really comfortable, however once we achieved this the results were instant.

Greater control of the motorcycle and more speed on entry to the corner as well as mid corner and exit speed were by-products of that greater control. Add this milestone to the other skills already learned and our track riding was seeing massive improvements.

There was however one lesson and track drill left for the day and that was trail braking. Again we would learn the technicalities in the classroom before taking to the track for our on track coaching and feedback.

California Superbike School Level 2
California Superbike School Level 2

After a quick debrief Level 2 of California Superbike School was now complete. We had experienced a new track, benefitted form professional and knowledgeable coaching and again improved our track riding skills considerably.

The 2023 BMW S 1000 RR M Sport has etched itself further into our hearts with its sublime performance, raw power and supreme handling. It seems you always form a special bond with a motorcycle when you go through a unique experience with it and we are sure we will be yearning to take the S 1000 RR to the track again when we attend Level 3.

With the day done, and the theory behind the techniques, and the impact they had on the motorcycle still fresh in our minds we are looking forward to getting back on the road and implementing our new skills.

We could feel the improvement in our riding technique, control and speed and of course the better riding knowledge all round, that makes the teachings of California Superbike School so valuable to motorcycle riders of all levels.

For Level 3 we head to Sydney Motorsport Park where we will again pilot the 2023 BMW S 1000 RR and it is safe to say we are hooked. After completing two levels in perfect conditions and increasing our motorcycling knowledge and skill we can’t wait to see what we benefit from in the next Level.

If you are interested in California Superbike School, you can head over to www.superbikeschool.com.au

BWM Motorrad Australia provided our BMW S 1000 RR M Sport, and track test rides can be organised through local dealerships. Images courtesy of SDPICS.

California Superbike School Level 2
California Superbike School Level 2
Andrew Jenkin
Andrew Jenkinhttp://twowheeladdicts.com.au
Andrew Jenkin is the founding editor of Two Wheel Addicts, ride editor at Exhaust Notes Australia, a contributor to BikeReview and Drivetribe as well as being a panel judge of Harley Davidson's Breakout Boss competition. Andrew has a love for anything on two wheels whether that be sports, naked or adventure bikes, with a guilty pleasure for cruisers.


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