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Welcome to Two Wheel Addicts. Our team of expert journalists and test pilots are dedicated to bringing you the latest in motorcycle news and reviews, as well as advice you can trust.

We stand by our mantra to provide honest, ethical and impartial views, and all our content is put through that filter, before we publish. Most importantly, we are fiercely independent, and proud of it.

We don’t used race tracks or secret closed roads to test our bikes (and if we do, we’ll say so), instead using the exact same roads you do. How else can you provide honest opinion on a new bike, if you’re not putting them through their paces on the same roads you will ride them on every day.

We also make sure you know the specs of the vehicle we test, because we will have immersed ourselves in the details, so they get included in the stories you read. We do all that and more, so you know you’re reading the most thorough reviews possible.

But we also know that if you’re here, you share our passion too.

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