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2024 Harley-Davidson X 350

Harley-Davidson are back in the learner space with two new offerings for 2024, the X 350 and X 500 motorcycles. It is the motor company’s first foray back into this space since cutting the popular Street 500 from their lineup back in 2021.

Who would have thought; here we are in the start of 2024 and one of the hottest motorcycle market segments would be the 250-500cc learner motorcycle space, especially in the 350cc range.

Triumph has a pair of 400cc bikes on the way, Suzuki have released a trio of 250cc learner bikes and of course CFMOTO also have a range of models in this category as well, was there ever a time learner motorcycle riders and commuters for that matter had it so good.

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2024 Harley-Davidson X350
2024 Harley-Davidson X350

Essentially that means the X 350 will need to be more than good to hold its own in this space. Of course, there will be some potential purchasers who will be buying the bike based on the brand on the tank, but in fairness the X 350 is a much better bike than the Street 500 that came before it and is a pretty cool ride to get about on.

Manufactured in China, the X 350 gives the American brand an entry point to entice novice riders to Harley-Davidson. It’s one they hope will allow customers to step up to larger bikes in the range, ensuring buyers stay brand loyal throughout their motorcycle journey.

The X 350 features distinctive styling, harking back to the XR 750 with its dirt tracker vibe. Our test bike sported a Dynamic Orange colour scheme which looks sensational, however if Dynamic Orange isn’t for you the X 350 is also available in Pearl White, Dramatic Black and Supersonic Silver.

2024 Harley-Davidson X350
2024 Harley-Davidson X350

In the looks department the styling of the X 350 is spot on and in the flesh, it is a very attractive and good-looking specimen. A tail tidy and aftermarket exhaust wouldn’t go astray, however the X 350 spawning from the HD stable means that there will be a plethora of aftermarket accessories available to customise and pimp your X 350 to your exact liking.

A smart looking LED headlight sits out front of the X 350 and specification on the bike is pretty strong. If the bike has one let down or area it will struggle with the competition it will be the speedo. Although it is clear and easy to read, it does not display fuel range or gear selection for that matter and is analogue only.

Compared with other competitors in this range and price point, a little more functionality and usability especially for new riders would be nice. When we look at bikes in the Royal Enfield and Suzuki stables for example a simplistic TFT dash is offered which is a much nicer touch.

2024 Harley-Davidson X350
2024 Harley-Davidson X350

Out on the road Harley’s X 350 is good. The motorbike is well balanced, the X 350 has plenty of punch and is nice and revvy when getting into the twisty stuff. It is powered by a 353cc DOHC 4-valve liquid-cooled parallel twin engine that produces 27kW of power for the rider.

A nice low seat of height of 777mm and short wheelbase of 2110mm combined with a running weight of 195kgs make the X 350 easy to manoeuvre whether parking, lane filtering or just moving around the garage. A 13.5 litre fuel tank with a claimed 4.95l/100kms also gives the rider a good distance between pit stops as well.

Handling on the front of the X350 utilises a 41mm inverted fork with adjustable rebound damping, whilst on the rear the X350 comes equipped with mono-shock suspension. Rear suspension features a coil spring with pre-load and rebound damping adjustability.

2024 Harley-Davidson X350
2024 Harley-Davidson X350

The ride is nice and predictable which is perfect for learner riders and also features lean angles of 52 degrees to the right and 51 degrees to the left. Braking also works well utilising dual front disc brakes and a single rear disc brake, with ABS. For a 350cc motorbike Harley have managed to keep some character and playfulness with the model including a nice little exhaust note higher in the rev range.

Ergonomically the X 350 will work better for shorter riders than taller riders and this was not something we had the chance to fully experience during the X experience held late last year when we had the opportunity to ride both the X 350 and X 500 under Allianz stadium.

At the time we were a little more captivated by the X 350 over the X 500, but now that we have ridden the X 350 in real world riding conditions it will be interesting to see if that opinion is flipped. Shorter riders will love the slightly more aggressive riding position, however taller riders such as yours truly did start to struggle at the 50-60klm mark.

2024 Harley-Davidson X350
2024 Harley-Davidson X350

Lets be clear it is not horrible in by any means but taller riders will feel a little cramped in the legs on longer distances due to the peg position and the harder seat, although the seat does look cool.

Hand controls are nice, simple and easy to use with nothing being cluttered and everything engaging well at first touch. There is a firm click up and down gears when selecting with us not being able to find any false neutrals or missing any gears during our testing period.

Harley-Davidson’s X 350 is a great learner legal or commuter motorcycle straight out of the box. It has superb styling that displays a youthful exuberance that should attract a lot of new motorcyclists to the brand.

2024 Harley-Davidson X350
2024 Harley-Davidson X350

Build quality, fit and finish was very good on our test bike and the playfulness of the engine combined with the easy handling characteristics of the X 350 will brandish the bike a lot of fans. As we stated earlier this bike is a huge improvement on the Street 500 in performance, style and build quality.

Most interestingly for us will be the fact we ride the X 500 back-to-back with the X 350 which will afford us the opportunity to compare the pair. The X350 will be priced from $8,495 ride away which includes all colours and will be backed by a 2-year unlimited kilometre warranty.

For more information on Harley-Davidson’s X 350, talk to your local dealership, or visit their Harley-Davidson website.

2024 Harley-Davidson X350
2024 Harley-Davidson X350

Our test bike was provided by Harley-Davidson Australia for review purposes.


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Andrew Jenkin
Andrew Jenkinhttp://twowheeladdicts.com.au
Andrew Jenkin is the founding editor of Two Wheel Addicts, ride editor at Exhaust Notes Australia, a contributor to BikeReview and Drivetribe as well as being a panel judge of Harley Davidson's Breakout Boss competition. Andrew has a love for anything on two wheels whether that be sports, naked or adventure bikes, with a guilty pleasure for cruisers.


  1. 195kg for 460 !@!!
    195 kg for a 350. !!! 4.95 litres per 100kms. – that is crap economy.
    This bike will be totally outclassed by the CFMOTO SR450. performance wise for the money. Don’t want to buy Chinese for the CF M, well this HD is a Chinese motor.
    With these reviews Don’t confuse people by using klm as a speed indicator.
    Does it need 95 ? If not, a step ahead of the CFM.

    • Hi David – thanks for the feedback, it is clearly stated in the review that the bike is manufactured in China – you can also check out the local launch review on the CFMOTO 450SR on the site. The X 350 does not require 95 – it is capable of running on E10 or 91 as this is an Australian website we use elms rather than miles – let us know if you have any further questions cheers.

  2. Looks decent and quality is good, seems heavy for these capacities.would work better with the 800cc twin CF Moto has. The frame could handle it.

  3. I have been riding Harley motorcycles for years.. if they are going to have China build these bikes then slap a price tag like that… I wouldn’t recommend buying one to learn on, shit you could pick up a decent used jap bike to learn on for 2 or 3 grand.. Keep it up HD and you will lose your loyal customers.

  4. Is it just me or does this look nothing like a Harley to everyone else too? The easy rider movie just wouldn’t be worth watching if it had bikes that looked like this, am I right? Cmon HD if you’re going to source from China at least make it a cheap entry chopper.


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Harley-Davidson are back in the learner space with two new offerings for 2024, the X 350 and X 500 motorcycles. It is the motor company's first foray back into this space since cutting the popular Street 500 from their lineup back in 2021. Who would...2024 Harley-Davidson X 350